Re-inventing Myself

Dear Reader,

As you will probably know these last few years have been interesting (to say the least) - they've been traumatic, fun, adventure filled, Ive found love and laughter .... shed a few tears but ultimately I've soldiered on.

This year I decided that enough was enough and it was time to get a grip and start planning the future.

At 52 years of age life, for me, was about to begin again.

So I signed up to do a degree in Philosophy .... Image that eh, me, a BA Honours after my name.

I joined my local Mountain Search and Rescue Team .... Team work, new friends and some cracking adventures.

And I've started the process to becoming a Mountain Leader.

My bushcraft skills wont be forgotten, but I look forward to learning or relearning a whole host of new skills.

I will keep you posted - but forgive me if I am remiss - as for the next year at least I am going to be a very busy boy!!