Alone ................ knives and stuff

HELLO ................

Remember me??

I hope so, been a while though eh??

Well for my first post in a while I just wanted to chimmer a bit about stuff ............ ya you know like around a virtual campfire stuff.

Alone, the tv series, did you watch it??

No, oh mate, you should have. I loved it.

No really I did.

For many reasons as it goes but particularly from a amateur professional point of view (is there such a thing??)

It fasinated me for several reasons -

1. How someone who can be selected - pass casting and be credited as a survival expert - can only last what amounts to a long weekend in the woods - while others can go 60 or so days??

I am guessing thats casting for you - if they only selected the best it would be a dull program - they need canon fodder and maybe a pretty face to make the series .......... which seems a shame as I wonder how many actually really skills guys and gals got over looked in favour of the people selected on the bases they wouldnt be able to go the distance?

2. Knives ................ oh ya baby every one loves a knife.

The interesting thing with Alone is the vast array carried.

And the myths it puts to rest ............. bigger the knife bigger the fool ........... two kukris, a matt graham bushknife etc - prove that theory wrong.

A custom knife is better than a stock model .............. really - most of the better "contestants" had stock knives. A few did have custom jobs or at least top end stock ones but this I think proves that it isnt the knive but the user - a experienced bushcrafter can make a cheap knife work as well as a top buck knife and vicea versa.

3 The whole mental process involved - how strengths and weakness work for and against us .......... if you, like me, dream of the bushcraft ideal of going off into the woods forever with just a billy, a blanket and a blade, then this program really does make you think ............. ok sure some the guys "tap" for the most pathetic of reasons, or at least what we perceive to be such. I am sure to them they are totally legimate. But most in the end break for missing their families - or go on to win because they are doing it for their families, Alan (series 1) won because he wanted to be able to pay for his Dad to retire - David (series 2) won because he wanted his kids to have a better quality of life. These guys had solid goals ........... most of the others were there for the adventure and some found it more than they could handle.

So, if you havent seen it - come on - watch it ............... you'll enjoy it.

"Would I do it - hell ya I'd love to" - question is would they take a Brit on a US series?? Errr watch this space and we shall see .................

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