Austrian Army Goretex Jacket .... review

Austrian Army Goretex Jacket
The biggest enemy of the outdoorsman, or woman, is the cold and wet and as such a good waterproof jacket is key.
In my lifetime I can remember the arrival of the Goretex jacket. These jackets are common place today both on the hill and high street and the price range of these jackets reflects this.
Most armies now also issue their troops with Goretex jackets and trousers and as such while a brand name jacket in all the rainbow colours might cost you several hundred pounds a good robust surplus one will cost a quarter of the price ......... provided you only want the more sympathetic shades that are found in nature.

The Austrian army's Goretex jacket is one I particularly like and one I have been using for many years ..... now bear in mind I have owned a lot of Goretex jackets, including brand name ones from Berghaus and Jack Wolfskin, yet the Austrian army one is still my favourite.

Apart from being a forest friendly colour and reasonably well priced (£45) its a top spec jacket - mostly these are found in a surplus graded condition so I recommend first washing and reproofing.

So what are the features?

Waist and hem elasticated drawstrings.

Large Velcro hip pockets with a generous storm flap.

Deep zipped chest pockets ...... with flap (my only criticism of this jacket is the storm flap here isn't Velcro sealed and strong wind can blow rain in here ........)

Zip and Velcro main zip.

Fully adjustable peaked (wire) hood, which is easily large enough to take a helmet - be that climbing or military.

Hood adjuster, which can be tightened and adjusted to sit on the head allowing the hood to move with the head, rather than the face disappearing into the hood.

In summary - there isn't much that can be said about a Goretex jacket - no matter how much the makers blow their own trumpets about how great they are - because at the end of the day all we really want is a jacket that is wind and waterproof ..... right? Oh yeah and a few usefully thought pockets are a bonus ....

Well dear reader in this jacket you get all those features and more for a very good price!!

Two things you don't get ..... underarm zips and pretty red or yellow versions ............


Anonymous said...

Who's the good looking chap in the crusty ole jacket then?

Mike Lea said...

I have an old RAF Blue issued Goretex waterproof bought a few years ago. Always reminds me of my first and favourite Berghaus Lightning especially for its knee long length. Why so many of us pay the inflated prices?

Rory Byrne said...

gary would this jacket be tight fitting on a big bloke - i'm 6'2" and 18 stone for example, i'm just a bit wary of getting one for that reason, but they do look great!

Survivall said...

Rory they do several sizes but to be honest they come up a little big anyway .... im 6.1 and about 16.5 stone so not far off ...............

Rory Byrne said...

nice one Survivall, I'll give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that the Austrian jacket isn't cammo pattern - most army surplus stuff looks a bit too militaristic for my tastes.

My only concern is that the hood might be too big? I don't wear helmets, just a wooly hat if it's cold :). Is it flappy?


Survivall said...

Paul - I don't wear helmets either - although being follically I do wear a hat 90% of the time ........... anyway the jacket has a volume adjust at the back which allows the hood to be reduced to fit - and no I haven't noticed it flapping around either .......... thanks for the comment and question.

David said...

I cant seem to find many good ones now?

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a good quality waterproof/wind proof jacket for a while and this could be just the ticket. Nice find!
Just wondering, is your's grey or green? My searches can only seem to turn up green ones and so I'm not sure if they're the same as your reviewed one.



Mike D said...

Hello! I'm interested in this parka. Did you get the long version or is this regular? I'm 6'1 13.5 stone. I usually wear a large or xl depending on the cut. I usually get longs because I hate it when my arms are fully outstretched in front of me and they are riding way back on my wrists. The long versions usually are an inch or two longer in the sleeves. Let me know what you think. Thanks.