Ray Mears on Dartmoor

Never was a program more relevant to me now than this .............


Well dear reader another weekend and another trip to the Moors. April 2015, this weekend was a game of two halves as the pictures above and below show.

Bleak and windswept with 20 mph driving rain and visibility down to about 20 meters the first days hiking was a mixture of pleasure and .............. lost drills! Yep, geographically embarassed ........... but hey you know what - there was no panic! Dead proud of that, cool and calm problem solving saved the day as well as a squished corn dog sarny and a pork pie ............. these and a percy pig or three! Navigation was critical in such poor conditions but its this that sorts the men from the boys ........ 

 The next two days dawned clear. Much to my relief. Maybe these pictures will go some way to showing some of the Dartsmoors charms and maybe, just maybe help you understand part of the reason I have fallen in love with this wild rugged land.

And whose this handsome fellow?