New Knife ................

I am a very lucky man. I have made some great friends over the years and both received and given some great gifts.

One such gift I received many years ago was a blade blank from my Finnish friend Perkele. The blade, I believe, was one he made when he was learning to forge and it has always been my intention to put a set of scales on it - but due to the trials of life I never found time.

However, thanks to the ever hungry mind and crafty hands of my good friend Paul of Waldgiest I got the chance to get a set of scales put on. Paul, who has gone from spoons to all manner of wood craving, has recently started making handles for stick tangs (http://thewoodlandway.blogspot.co.uk/) and mentioned he fancied trying a full tang ................ well guess who had one handy!!

So dutifully I posted it off and he did his magic. My criteria was simple - do what you want. Trusting to his ability 100% and this paid off. He, being over critical is conscious of any and all minor faults. I however think these add character and give my knife a rustic look I really do like.

I definitely owe a BIG THANK YOU to both guys and can not wait to get this beautiful tool into the woods to see what she can do.

The knife is yet to be tested, so a follow up blog will be in order, but I have sharpened her up and she has taken a razor edge.

I will tell you more once I have had a play for now here is some porn ...........


moose said...

That's good knife porn. Read Pauls blog on how he made the scales, I don't think I could have done it, I would not know where to start.

Andy Speirs said...

talking of knives. Can the old bearclaw Wilderness knife still be purchased anywhere?