Bushraft guru's .......... double standards or just greedy?

Ray Mears has been dumped from a 10,000 pound gig for bad mouthing caravans.

Does this incident highlight the double standards and greed of someone like Ray?

Morally, if you hated caravans you would turn down a gig at a show of caravaning enthusiasts wouldn't you?

Its not just Ray either but if someone could lie about something like that what else would they lie about? For example is the whole Myth about his learning, his childhood spent tracking foxes built on falsehoods? Dave Canterbury did similar, so why not Bear Grylls or one/many of the self proclaimed experts running schools?

I am sure there are many good and honest guys out there too - I like to think I was one when I ran courses etc but it is a shame for the individual and his fans as well as for the subject/hobby as a whole when something like this comes to light.


Waldgeistman said...

Interesting comments Gary, difficult to know. Dave Canterbury has started his own line of The Pathfinder School outdoor goods.

Mike Lea said...

kind of agree. Remember the first book he wrote and now distances himself from it.

Survivall said...

Good point Mike, the reason he distances himself is he has no rights to that book or some such to it.

Which is a shame as its by far the best book on bushcraft and has none of the later books commercial plugging .....