Dual Survival .............. another one bites the dust

I have to admit I haven't watched Dual Survival since DC was sacked - I'm not saying it was he who made the show, I like Cody as much, but the chemistry or lack of it was good and made the viewing for me.

Exit Dave for telling porkies about his military service ............

Now it appears the guy they replaced him with ..........errrr whats his name?? Most of you might not even know it --- anyway it's Joe Teti, has also come unstuck for fibbing about his military credentials ................


Seems DUAL SURVIVALS days are numbered - that said if Discovery want a real soldier etc etc I am available ...........


moose said...

can just imagine you on the show. When it comes to the back pack of goodies
knife firelighting etc and always it will be. "what do we have here i like those flyboys , surfers or ramblers or what ever the sinerio will be about they always carry a bottle of rum"!
their is too many of these shows the latest naked and afraid really. bring back survivor man.

take care old friend

Thomas Xavier said...

Its kinda crazy how these hosts just don't learn.
I think the biggest issue with Teti is his claim that he was a combat vet of Afghanistan which alludes to military service in the sandbox.

AFAIK, he was in Afghanistan as a private contractor/mercenary, not a U.S Soldier.