Were we seperated at birth ....... or just great minds thinking alike again!!


Ross Gilmore said...

I like Dave a lot as a person. I think he is good people. Also, when he says things generally as he does in this video, I tend to agree with him on just about everything.

Yes, we should learn the skills of the past and the equipment that was used, and then implement modern items into that kit. That's exactly what I try to do.

The devil of course is always in the details. It is when we start speaking about the specific gear and skills that I start to disagree greatly with Dave's evaluations.

There is just no way I am carrying a 5lb blanket, a 8lb canvas tarptent, a 3lb oilcloth jacket, and keeping it in a frame-less canvas pack with a trash can stuffed in it just so I can huddle by a fire on a winter night trying not to freeze. To me that is the wrong mix of ancestral skills and modern technology. Similarly, carrying an 8lb MSS is the wrong call on the type of modern gear that should be integrated into the kit as a replacement for the blanket. We have just come much further than that.

There are outdoorsmen who do extraordinary things these days. It is them that I look to to see where our current state of knowledge can take us. And while we tend to think that woodsmanship died in 1920, there are in fact much more extraordinary things being done in the wilderness these days than ever before.

Survivall said...

Opinions are like butt holes Ross, we all got em.

Waldgeistman said...

Interesting comments by Dave.

Knowing your background Gary I can fully understand the title of your post mate. Who had the goatee first though.

Ross makes some interesting points which in principle I agree with. However,new technology does not always mean better. We have the luxury in this life to choose which way to equip ourselves. If you want robustness and longevity in equipment you need to go old school in my opinion.

Dave Canterbury has a good manner about him which I find agreeably easy to listen too.

Later, the 4s.

Survivall said...

I agree Mate - as you know I like to test myself once in a while so enjoy both worlds - I like the blanket option but I am also sensible and experienced enough to know when to opt for the sleeping bag too.

Its all courses for horses we are lucky enough to have the choices and can and should pick and choose what suits us day to day and trip to trip - a well rounded knowledge is found this way.