The term Bushcraft is a trademark in America

Its a rare event when I find the need to delete or edit a post but in this event I do.

My original post on this subject was more a reaction to what I read on the below blog


Since reading this and the comments posted here I have done some research and read a few blogs etc - and my opinion has changed hence the edit to this article.

Thanks mostly to AMERICAN GROUCH and Wikipedia I see that this is actually old news - one year old no less and as such not necessarily so shocking.

I have no problem with the bushcraftUSA trademark but I am still to get my head around them trade marking the word bushcraft??

So in the interest of fairness I have removed the original post - people can visit




As these show both sides of the argument and make up their own minds.

Lastly -

Bushcraft should be all about learning to love and live with and within nature, learning and sharing skills that belong to us as a species. Bushcraft skills are our inheritance as much as reading and writing are.

As long as that remains true I'm a happy man!


Survivall said...

Legal Controversy[edit]

On July 30, 2012 a limited liability company from Missouri with the name of Bushcraft USA LLC, owner of the Bushcraft USA forum applied for a trademark on the word bushcraft. On August 27, 2013 the trademark was published by The United States Patent and Trademark Office.Trademark registration for the word BushcraftThe registration can also be seen through a search of The United States Patent and Trademark Office for the word bushcraft. US Patent and Trademark Office

It is unclear what legal significance or enforceability such a registration would have. The word bushcraft has been in common use going back more than a century. The registration of such a commonly used term is likely to spark controversy among practitioners in the field.

From Wikipedia - understatement maybe lol

Anonymous said...

The service mark is very limited, I guess no one wants to point that out. Just jump on the bandwagon of point a finger. Then again that is what blogs are for. Too bad to see someone like you jump on this for the sake of controversy and traffic to your blog.

Woody said...

This is funny. There are all kinds of bushcraft trademarks in the UK and elsewhere in the world. I have never seen so much hub-bub about them.

Survivall said...

Thanks for the comments, always good to hear peoples thought especially from a different prospective on such matters - firstly I'm not jumping on any band wagon's I was simply surprised by what I read. I have no problem with bushcraftUS being registered I just cant get my head around the fact they took the term bushcraft too?? What purpose could that serve as Wikipedia points out its a word in common usage and very old.

Also its not only me whose surprised by this I have seen several posts on face book groups now some pro some against and I have even seen that one Canadian group has deleted comments on the subject completely.

If it's all above board then bushcraftUSA has nothing to worry about and this storm in a tea cup will pass - if however there is more to it than meets the eye I think people have the right to know.

For myself the jury is out - what worries me if a similar thing happening here where maybe our laws make things more difficult for people like the bushcraft store or the bushcraft company etc to trade ..........

We shall see what happens.

Ross Gilmore said...

There is no more or less to it than what there actually is. I know it sounds vague, but basically, the facts are the facts.

Bushcraft USA did not trademark the phrase "Bushcraft USA", or the phrase "Bushcraft Outfitters" (their store) or "Bush Class". They trademarked the actual word "buschraft".

The fact that they managed to hide it for over a year doe snot make that better. The trademark designation that they have been using on their forum and products is for "Bushcraft USA", not the word "bushcraft". As your average woodsman does not spend too much time in the trademark office, it is no surprice that no one found out about it for almost a year after its publication. Bushcraft USA certainly made no announcement, and the thread about the issue on their forum has been deleted along with all comments on their Facebook page.

Of course, that was all after Guy Wood explained that it's no big deal... now simply forums, blogs, and online businesses that want to use the word "bushcraft" in their name have to ask him for permission and pay him a fee.

This is as outrageous from a legal stand point as it is from a common sense one.

Survivall said...

I did notice that the facebook debate had been removed which is worrying as it speaks volumes that they are trying to hush things up and hope it goes away.

On the flip side of this if they have trade marked it for a year and no one noticed will it make a difference in the future?

Answers simple, collectively abandon the term bushcraft - personally I prefer wilderness living anyway bushcraft has become too closely linked to folks sitting around a camp fire with a beer and all the luxury their vehicle can carry.

Only problem is does this start a president for America, or us? - what word is next to be owned, seems to me in a country which is proud of its defence of freedom your rapidly heading down a road where your not free to use a generic term in popular use ........ I'll keep an eye on all this

Woody said...

"Of course, that was all after Guy Wood explained that it's no big deal... now simply forums, blogs, and online businesses that want to use the word "bushcraft" in their name have to ask him for permission and pay him a fee." -Ross Gilmore

You just cannot stop the misinformation. Bushcraft USA has never informed anyone that we want fees or require permission. We have also never sent any demands to anyone to shutdown anything. We wanted to protect our site.

The term 'bushcraft' is trademaked to cover all types of goods from clothing, to cookware, to knives and knife sharpeners in the UK and EU. No one cares about that large industry. Our little corner of the world seems to be a big draw to the disgruntled. It is really a bit sad.

You were banned 3 years ago. You really need to move on with your life.

Woody said...

Survivall, that post was removed from Facebook because it was covered on the BCUSA site. It is still there, but only members can see it, and membership is free.

The FB page has historically only been used for updates when the forum goes down. We decided to keep it that way.

Ross Gilmore said...

I grew up in Eastern Europe. I do not believe in benevolent dictators, or entities that "know what's best" for you.

However we twist this around, the facts are that in the US, a corporate entity currently owns the trademark for the word "bushcraft". They are free to abuse it as they see fit.

The reason it was discovered now is because they actually tried to enforce it.

It is a despicable outcome. I know many people are staying silent due to fear of retaliation. Simply look at what they are doing to me right now. Even so, i is important that we speak up against abuse of power.

Survivall said...

Two questions spring to mind - Ross who did they enforce it against?
Woody who is the guy who BCUSA say tried to trademark the word BUSHCRAFT recently and uncovered BCUSA had already done it?

Seems to me there are two sides to this argument both using evidence which none of us have seen.

Lastly I am not a member of any forum and while BCUSA might have removed the thread to the forum etc etc that is their choice but even that wrinkles as 1. they control the forum and can ban delete or do what they want to members and posts hence control the whole thing - and don't say they wouldn't as I know for a fact the UK equivalent have often done so in the past - no one wants bad press and also most forum members tend to have a sycophant relationship and a blind loyalty anyway. The term SHEEPLE was coined thanks to forum members here blindly following the leader ...........

My worry is it starts a trend and unless people voice a protest right or wrong it will.

Anonymous said...

Survivall, the good part about this drama is that I found a new site (yours) which I like.

The US trademark office is clearly overcome by ignorance if then even issued this trademark. But until someone steps forward with actual evidence that they have been presented with a legal claim from bushcraftusa I think I'll just assume that this is a case of woodtrekker stirring the pot against them out of some sort of past spite that he can't get over.

moose said...

wow. HGAF!does this change anything, not really.so they coined the phrase. in my little part of America when i first talked to my hunting and fishing buddies and mention that back in blighty i use to do something called bushcraft they said "what!"
just go back to calling it camping..

Survivall said...

I remember when I first approached Preben and told him I wanted to run bushcraft courses there he didn't know what bushcraft was - once I explained it he said, "here we just call that every day life" ........BUT I think the issue isn't the word its what the trademarking of it implies - as you say Clive HGAF, if you ran a business in that industry to might - but for the rest of us average joes it doesn't really matter for sure.

Survivall said...

Well seems to me Ross has found the first "official" victim of BCUSA - a forum called bushcraft and blades est 2012 has just had to change its name ....... no one seems willing to say why although from what I read Ross seems to be indicating its because of the TM issue.

I have asked for the new name and once I know will post a link - maybe as a protest or if you, like me feel we should stand up against a bully, we should all join the renamed forum let BCUSA put hat in their pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Earlier today Blades and Bushcraft changed their name to Blades and Bushlore

Here is a link to the discussion on their forum:
B&B is now Blades and Bushlore!

Survivall said...

Well thanks for the info - will go register now

vallehombre said...

Let me say first off that I was recently bounced from the Bushcraftusa site. Suffice to say that if one objects to killing animals only for "fun", incessant military jingoism by non veterans or fails to share a dominionist world view accompanied by an obsession with military arms for bushcrafting and endless "discussions" about concealed carry as relating to a casual walk in the local woods it will not be a good fit.

So it comes as no surprise that a common term has been trademarked. In the context of my experience on that site it makes perfect sense.

During the brief tome I was on the site I did pick up a good old school canvas pack from a member though. So as far as life in the homeland inc. goes these days I about broke even.

The point, I'm taking too long to make is that it folks outside of the homeland inc. (aka US of A) might not understand just how "normal" all this has become.

Think I'll just go camping. After all, I do have a new pack.

jamie y said...

It's ludicrous to think anyone can fathom the idea let alone
trademark a word .even after it's clearly stipulated , this just go's to show you everything comes down to all mighty buck , what are they going to do take people to a Supreme Court for copy righting infringement for using this word there are bushcraft schools all around the world using this turn Tops knives USA have a knife by the brothers of bushcraft called a field knife are they going to have to pay out a royalty . http://copyright.gov/circs/circ34.pdf