One man and his wee dog go walk about

Today I had that rare thing which the rough necked, sun tanned,  hard hat wearing crowd treasure and the white collar management hate them having ............. yes I mean a day off!!

A day off and so I took to the hills - now I have the south downs on my door step it would be criminal not too ------ my route below, a good 9 mile circular hike incorporating both the downs and a few less well travelled trails.

The walk itself was a mix of roads and foot paths, with a few hills but nothing taxing - a nice day out.

I took with me, as well as the dog, a full day sack packed for a over night trip so as to allow myself to train withy a bit more weight than needed in preparation for next months Swedish trip - which was nice!!

This time of year the forests and hedgerows are beautiful - brimming and bright with flowers in bloom - seas of ransoms and blue bells.

One interesting place I came across was the natural burial site, a woodland grave yard for the pagan - and I have to say it was a strangely tranquil place, with its own special beauty.

And there is a site you don't often see - yurts and tepee's together in a British woodland setting ......

Views across the downs ............ stunning.

And a scabby wee dog!

Yours truly


Not the best picture but from the downs looking south - you can see my house from here!!

CrAMp bAlls are us!!!

Well my friends hope this little journal entry was pleasant and inspiring - get out there enjoy the weather and the world ......


Blackthorn Bushcraft said...

Days off! yeah I remember those, looks like a nice route I'm jealous.

moose said...

good walk. we have just left winter 2 weeks ago we still had snow. what a nice back yard you have now. one thing england does look good in the spring. thanks for the pictures

simon cook said...

Thanks for sharing you day out Gary, the south of England is looking wonderful this time of year. I live on the east coast of Kent but have to go fifteen miles to get to any decent woodland. I see you are wearing my favourite pack, the LK35. I would just like to thank you for being such an inspiration to me, and for all the help and guidance on both kit and tecniques you have given me on your blog. May I ask, is there any way I can email or private message you if so please let me know.
Thank you again Gary

Survivall said...

Hi Simon, sure thing give me your email in a comment (I wont publish it) and I'll drop you a line - failing that contact me via my NORDMARKEN CANOE UK website