One man and his wee dog go walk about

Today I had that rare thing which the rough necked, sun tanned,  hard hat wearing crowd treasure and the white collar management hate them having ............. yes I mean a day off!!

A day off and so I took to the hills - now I have the south downs on my door step it would be criminal not too ------ my route below, a good 9 mile circular hike incorporating both the downs and a few less well travelled trails.

The walk itself was a mix of roads and foot paths, with a few hills but nothing taxing - a nice day out.

I took with me, as well as the dog, a full day sack packed for a over night trip so as to allow myself to train withy a bit more weight than needed in preparation for next months Swedish trip - which was nice!!

This time of year the forests and hedgerows are beautiful - brimming and bright with flowers in bloom - seas of ransoms and blue bells.

One interesting place I came across was the natural burial site, a woodland grave yard for the pagan - and I have to say it was a strangely tranquil place, with its own special beauty.

And there is a site you don't often see - yurts and tepee's together in a British woodland setting ......

Views across the downs ............ stunning.

And a scabby wee dog!

Yours truly


Not the best picture but from the downs looking south - you can see my house from here!!

CrAMp bAlls are us!!!

Well my friends hope this little journal entry was pleasant and inspiring - get out there enjoy the weather and the world ......