Mora - could this be the future

Just when you think you have a cutting tool that ticks all the boxes - just when your happy with your tool choice for bushcraft and wilderness living someone brings out a new shiny that makes your wallet cringe and your feather sticking hand twitch.

I'm not interested in expensive over priced woodlore clones or their spin offs - been there done those and ya their good but I live in the real world were I actually use my knife - a lot - and expect and want a work man like tool, not some fancy dangler to wear once a year at some gathering or another!

I like Scandinavian knives and I generally like camp sized knives. Presently my knife of choice (with my axe and buck saw combo) is still my M95 Sissipuukko a good friend gave my a few years ago (Perkele!) these three tools have seen me right on many adventures from the warmth of a summer canoe trip to the icy thrills of a subarctic winter survival camp.

But recently I found this review on youtube from the camp of Mr D Canterbury and I have to say I was most impressed both with brother Dave's review and the tool itself!!

Oh did I mention its a Mora knife?? ") No well my friends it is and that can mean only one thing - a half decent knife no matter what - but watching the video I can see this one the MORA BUSHCRAFT PATHFINDER knife has much more potential.

The knife isn't even on the Mora website yet so I don't know the specs or the price (bet your bottom dollar its not less than £50 though) - I'd go so far as to guess around the £70 - £80 mark, but we'll see.

Anyway looks like this could be the new bench mark knife for the woodsman, so I thought I'd share this review DC posted with you - see what you think .............. oh last thing - Mora Bushcraft Pathfinder and Mora Companion knife together, maybe on a combo sheath could this end up being the ultimate outdoorsmans "factory made" combo or to use a Canterburyism "common man" combo????

Yep I am excited about this ................cant wait for them to appear on the shelves so I can get my grubby little mitts on one!

Oh and btw nice review too Mr C!!

Foot note - as of today 02/04/14 - I've been told Mora expects the release of this knife in the UK to be approximately 2 months so by my reckoning that makes it June!! In time for my birthday and midsummer!


Pat said...

It looks like a great review!

moose said...

dude just saw your last note check to see if in usa already.