NNUK Knives - update

Their are those who will tell you that you cant carve with a big knife!
Personally I say never judge the knife judge the owner - or more correctly, see what they can do with their knife before to decide whether the knife is a good tool for the environment.
And that brings me back to my NNUK Knife made for me to our own specs by Jan Ververs. A knife happily I see he has now made quick a few of!
For a all round bushcraft survival knife this is a robust tool and one well worth consideration as per my previous review http://survivall.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/big-is-beautiful.html
But now having used it for a bit longer I thought I would up date the story .....................

So update 1. Edge retention - initially I found I had trouble with this, it seemed sharpening the knife achieved nothing and I wondered if the temper was wrong. Speaking to Jan he told me this was common as the metal needed to settle down - I was a bit sceptical but Jan's a good man and I trust him so I continued to work the blade and dah dah - suddenly it settled down and now has and holds a razor edge through thick and thin.

Update 2 - Size and shape, this is a big camp knife, the spines thick and the bevels small, in combination it makes this a tool which carves well but hacks and chops like a much more "meaty" tool - an excellent combination. (Spoon pictured was carved in about an hour with the knife)

Update 3 - my only gripe and a minor one it is too - the kydex sheath is fine but either the kydex is a little to thin or top rivet location is a little to low and this means the knife isn't locked in the sheath when not in use, ie it can be shaken out when upside down. To rectify this I use the lanyard pictured above and when not in use loop this around the bottom of the fire steel as a lock.

But this aside I really cant fault the tool and it is now my winter/survival knife and (to use a American term I don't like much) my go to knife ........... if I had to trust my life to a knife this one would be the one on my belt for sure!!

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Anonymous said...

I like it! Kind of a cross between a Kephart and a Canadian belt knife IMO. Thanks for showing, Gary.