There's a rover turned over on the flyer to Dover, over .................

LOL anyone remember that from voice procedure training??

Anyway I digress, this weekend myself and Tomo decided to clock up a few miles as part of our pre-classic training. The idea was simple (bit like me! What, who said that?) like all the best ideas are tab out, clock the miles with a full pack. Overnight somewhere and tab back.

As the photo journal below will show - that's what we did ............... so here's a few pictures

 One interesting aspect of the hike was the military history of the area, and this ranges from Knights Templar chapels through Napoleonic forts to World War 2 bunkers and coastal defences for the German invasion that never happened.

Kit wise I think I'm pretty squared away for the race but two things are still yet to be decided up - my pack and my foot wear - two of the most important things as the pack will be on my back all day and a uncomfortable or badly fitted pack will ruin a enjoyable hike and likewise my footwear, which is wrong can not only ruin a hike but cripple you too .......... for this hike I carried my Swedish army LK70

My footwear was the same as last time and like last time the lightweight hiking shoes left my feet sore - tender foot, was a term used to describe a European fur trader who, newly arrived in the interior of the colonies of British America, feet weren't harden to the wearing of moccasins. And I certainly feel their pain and the thin flexible soles of the light hiking shoes leave me foot in agony. So much so that I am now wondering whether to wear them in arctic Sweden, if after a two day hike they leave me hobbling for a day so what will be the result after five days?? Would I be wiser to just wear heavier but sturdier boots??

We shall see - that's part the reason we are doing these training hikes to trial our gear.

And finally ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Some morning after shots .................


Mike said...

Back in the day when I was single and spent a fortune on my kit unwisely Danner Acadia boots were my choice. A little cheaper then as well.
They were like slippers, went through 4 pairs. Nowadays rely on my old Hanwags or issue boots for hillwalks.

Probably the one bit of kit to be careful of even more than a bergan or sleeping bag.

Mike said...

Incase you are looking I have heard good reports about Altberg Defender/Warrior. Both lighter than most Lowa’s and good quality. Will be trying either one when I next need a pair myself.

Survivall said...

I had Altberg boots myself back in the day Mike they are excellent although bloody expensive ...........