Amazing find

My mother and father in law moved home today and this evening I helped them move furniture, retune their tv etc etc - anyway whilst routing about in the new property I find a LOCKWOOD BROS CTX pocket knife. Its in v good condition too just needs a little TLC to make it dapper!!

Well pleased with that find a quality tool like that is rare as hens teeth and just what I was looking for in a UK legal EDC - quality, history, aesthetically pleasing and made in the days when Sheffield steel blades where the envy of the world!!


Tony Lawlor said...

A niceold fashioned knife with good steel to keep in your pocket. Not like the overpriced showpieces which we are led to believe that we must have while out and abouton our little adventures.
Tony Lawlor.omyeadD

Mike said...

Nice find indeed. I know you will put to good use.