Just pondering

Kit dilemma, yes yet again a kit dilemma is nagging at my thoughts and haunting my day dreams ..............the question is should I go lightweight modernist? Stick with my usual gear or mix and match both??

What and why am I bothering about this??

Well, generally for bushcraft I like to pack along my gear in a LK35 or for longer term trips and winter the LK70 and for Hiking I usually use my old Karrimor bobcat 65 or a slightly smaller 55. The kit I carry isn't that different when hiking or bushy - especially as some of my hiking is bushcraft themed too in places like Sweden.

Now here's the problem - next year I am doing the Fjellraven Classic - our team is a angloswedish mix with 3 Brits, me, wiggy and Tomo and 2 Swede's, Roger and Richard - and like any mix of folks our idea's and reasons for doing the hike differ. There is talk of speed, there is talk of enjoying the hike. But one thing that seems to be common among my hiking partners is almost desperate need to cut down on the weight of their gear.

I can understand this, after all if your unfit lightening your load seems to be a simple way of easing your burden, Even if your fit as a fiddle lightening your load allows you to enjoy your walk but is there a limit?

I know the theory around the big three and bringing their weight down etc etc etc - but is this or does this become a trade off between weight and what I think of a robustness??

For example I can fit my entire hiking outfit in a karrimor xlite 45 - minus food and water this all weighs in at less than 10kg and yet when I look at my sack I cringe and a little voice in my head whispers - that sack wont last the course ..........or I can pack along a titanium pot, my snow peak 750 with my gas stove but essentially I am then packing along a cup! Wouldn't I be better to pack my stainless steel billy with a mug sized stainless steel cup??

You see my problem?? I like the idea of going lightweight - but my heart tells me that its better to have gear that is robust and can go the distance............. added to this is the problem that if I go with my common sense and pack for robust longevity will I then either slow down the team or at the very least simply making my life harder??

thus is my dilemma to which I am yet to find a answer ...........


Knife sale

As readers will no doubt know, I am down scaling my kit. Over the year I have sold off all my surplus gear leaving myself with just a few choice item's. Basically a hiking kit and a bushcraft kit - packed in their respective packs and ready to go.

A few extra items have been kept for example my extreme winter clothing for arctic training etc etc.

Today the last items are to be offered up for sale - these are my most beloved knives (apart from one NEW Mora I found in a draw) ...........most are hand made or custom jobs, one is a rare model.

These aren't draw queens - all have been used but are in very good condition - they are all my favourites and sold as seen.

Grohmann Survival Knife with modified belt sheath - designed to hang lower on belt.

Canadian Forces knife with pistol sheath - grohmanns classic

Brusletto  Bamsen - I think I've had this since the early 90's and it comes with the old pistol sheath they used to supply for it - my original bushcraft knife which I used even in my woodlore years until I could afford a woodlore knife! *note I sold the woodlore years ago but kept the bamsen .........

Green river knife with steel - Wright and sons model.

These three are my favourites - hand made custom jobs - beautiful tools. Bottom to top - Stromeng 7" Leuku with Moose antler and birch scales - middle is a Lauri blade with reindeet antler and birch scales - top Frosts Mora blade again with birch and antler scales, this is a excellent whittler. * Ideally would like to sell as a set to a deserving new home - also in the sami tradition all three have tin washers inserted into the scales as the sami believe this would drive off evil spirits and protect the owner. 


Another small Frosts Mora with custom scales - excellent necker!

Mora Bushcraft Forest knife - new never used .............

The crème dela crème - Jan Ververs Hand made "big" camp knife. Made for me by Jan this big bladed knife comes with a customer kydex sheath with leather loop - loop has small pocket for addition of a sharpening stone (dc4) - rosewood scales!

All are for sale - note I have listed no prices as I believe custom/hand made tools the value will vary in the eyes of the beholder so am leaving them open to offers.

Post will be 5.99 for one knife to UK addresses - 7.99 for two and 10.99 for three - overseas readers again contact me to clarify postage.

It's a hard thing for a man to sell his most trusted and beloved cutting tools - suffice to say each of these is a excellent bushcraft tool and will serve it's new owner well.

As for me well I am keeping my M95 Sisspuuko, my newly found Lockwood and my tomahawk. I have a small collection of Mora's for courses - and a custom No1 and No3 which I made myself.

PM me, email me or Comment if your interested - once gone these will never be available again - offer wisely as silly offers will be ignored!


Amazing find

My mother and father in law moved home today and this evening I helped them move furniture, retune their tv etc etc - anyway whilst routing about in the new property I find a LOCKWOOD BROS CTX pocket knife. Its in v good condition too just needs a little TLC to make it dapper!!

Well pleased with that find a quality tool like that is rare as hens teeth and just what I was looking for in a UK legal EDC - quality, history, aesthetically pleasing and made in the days when Sheffield steel blades where the envy of the world!!


Thank you

I'm not a great people person - humanity in general just pisses me off - but today one of my friends sent me a gift through the post which has gone a long way to proving that there are still people out there are genuine good people.

The mere fact you sent it without adding your name etc impressed me deeply.
So can I just say a big thank you to whoever sent me the ARCTIC SURVIVAL badge - you are a star!!