Enjoyed reading this post

I really enjoyed reading this post so thought I'd share it.

Interestingly, like Ross's grand father I too own several axes and hatchets - but unfortunately more than one knife.

Why unfortunately - well my basic problem is choice, the more choice I have the less content I am with the knife I have in use - I am sure its a common problem. Oddly I never have the same worry about my axe.

And here's a point, to echo the article, why do I never worry which of my 5 axes I am using or carrying at the time? Because I pack along the axe most applicable to what I am doing at the time ............. so if that's the case with my axe why not the knife? As Ross says if your hunting take a skinner, woodcrafting then take a whittler ............. by choosing or attempting to choose a good all rounder aka the bushcraft or survival knife maybe your just highlighting your lack of experience with the axe and willingness to swallow the hype of the knife makers.

OK OK there is a place in the bush for a knife and in skilled hands it can do a hell of a lot of stuff - but as you will have read in my previous articles my tomahawk and Opinel combo can do that and more.

Anyway this isn't a post to unset all the knife nuts out there, just to raise a point for the woodsmen who wants to further his skills or carry a combination of tools more suited to his ideals.


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Mike said...

Good post but still personally don’t feel the need for an axe (just too easy to hurt yourself even if an expert with it and if on own in the wild). Would prefer a saw either a fold or a bucksaw and definitely a penknife SAK.
9 times out of 10 I use a penknife.