Wet and Wind in the Beacon's

This weekend myself, Steve and Tomo spend a long weekend hiking the Brecon beacons - no easy task at the best of times but lucky us - we had howling winds, driving rain and the sort of visibility which makes you wonder at your sanity!

And what a fantastic time we had.

The reason for our visit was many fold chief among them was the pleasure of it, a chance to test kit with an eye to next years Fjallraven classic and training - the weather and the hills certainly ensure our aims were met.

Below is my packing list

Generic Hiking kit list (incl clothing)

Hiking clothing (combinations worn)
Craggie trs – belt and braces
Socks + underwear
Merino T-shirt
Stainless mug – Rations/brew kit
checked shirt –
matches – spoon/s - condiments
Hat to suit conditions
Filter Waterbottle – dromedry
Canvas Gaiters
Walking shoes or boots as weather dictates
Mountain cap + scarf + wool gloves
Carried on body
Waterproof jacket + waterproof trousers
 Map/Compass/whistle – Bandana/buff
Down jacket + thick wool socks + seal skins
Flip flops
Fleece jacket (can be zipped into w/proof)
Wash kit and house wife + Insect repellent
Sack - 55 litre
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat (therma rest)
GPS- head torch – Mora clipper stainless

Dress code – walking shoes, socks, pants, craggy trousers, merino t-shirt, walking shirt, boonie.

I used every item I carried - and have to say my biggest surprise was my REGATTA ISOLITE 5000 jacket - in appealing weather this jacket never once let me down and as I said to the guys at the time I rate it better than any goretex jacket I've ever owned - seriously if your in for a new jacket forget the expensive brand names and give this jacket a try!
Ok picky time - pictures from my phone so apologise for the quality .......... and down below the sun shine, mostly I only took pictures when the rain stopped as I didn't want my phone trashed!

Base camp - first night - and look raining!!

Moi doing a selfy!

Happy days!!


Enjoyed reading this post

I really enjoyed reading this post so thought I'd share it.

Interestingly, like Ross's grand father I too own several axes and hatchets - but unfortunately more than one knife.

Why unfortunately - well my basic problem is choice, the more choice I have the less content I am with the knife I have in use - I am sure its a common problem. Oddly I never have the same worry about my axe.

And here's a point, to echo the article, why do I never worry which of my 5 axes I am using or carrying at the time? Because I pack along the axe most applicable to what I am doing at the time ............. so if that's the case with my axe why not the knife? As Ross says if your hunting take a skinner, woodcrafting then take a whittler ............. by choosing or attempting to choose a good all rounder aka the bushcraft or survival knife maybe your just highlighting your lack of experience with the axe and willingness to swallow the hype of the knife makers.

OK OK there is a place in the bush for a knife and in skilled hands it can do a hell of a lot of stuff - but as you will have read in my previous articles my tomahawk and Opinel combo can do that and more.

Anyway this isn't a post to unset all the knife nuts out there, just to raise a point for the woodsmen who wants to further his skills or carry a combination of tools more suited to his ideals.


The hottest day of the year ............. and I go hiking??

Being a newly fledged pompey person I thought I'd take advantage of my first day off since moving here with work and go hiking. More to the point I wanted to try out the exact kit I PLAN to carry for Fjallraven challenge next year ............. the route I planned was a little over 11 miles with some up hill work just for fun - little did I know it would be the hottest day of the year with the temperature of the downs registering at over 100 degrees F on my little thermometer ............. blimey Anyway great hike - good route only one piece of kit let me down and that was my stove - decided I needed a more stable set up. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!