Uncle Sam met Grandad Preben


moose said...

nice one buddy.

Mike said...

Hi Gary, You dont have to publish this. Just trying to get experienced outdoor users advice.

The US Modular system Bivi Bag how good is it compared to the Brit issue version. I know you like their sleeping bags but I like centre zips just thinking about getting a US bivi instead to try out.

Mnay Thanks for any advice you can give.
Best Wishes

Survivall said...

Hi Mike,

MSS compared to British army version - I like and use the MSS all the time, the black bag I have used in Sweden down to -10c and it was fine.

As a comparison then I would say price wise a British Bag and WVPM bivi bag is better value as you can pick up the lot for around £70.

But that is the only advantage the MSS is more versatile and of a better quality. The entire system is good down to something like -50c but I doubt you will ever need all three together in UK, I NEVER HAVE! I use the black bag and bivi for 3/4 season usage and the green bag for 1/2 season (although its a little cooler than a good two season bag)

Overall, both are good bags and do what you need them too - both if used complete are bulky and heavy but the MSS can be broken down into seasonal bags and is thus more versatile. MSS is more expensive and higher spec.

MSS for my money is better and if I had to have just one sleeping bag/system forever I'd choose that!