Now heres a few thoughts to ponder

The wilderness that may seem so stressful to you in a so called "survival" situation may have met the daily needs of native peoples for eons of time.

What seems "survival" to us may be just plain everyday living to others.

It is conceivable that your knowledge can become so extensive that the term "survival" can no longer have any meaning. (does this become bushcraft?)

If you starve to death for example it is not because of lack of knowledge or skill on your part - it just happened that the vagaries of nature left nothing for you to eat!


Anonymous said...

That is life, some live some don't. It has been going on that way for time immortal

Anonymous said...

Good points, Gary! If you know your way around the wilderness, it's not a scary and mysterious place with a life-and-death situation at every turn. Just normal life for our ancestors, as you mentioned. If people have lived in a place historically, it can support human life. All you need is the knowledge and experience to make it work. :)