World wide bushcraft brain

Long time ago I was chatting with a mate called Geoff who commented to me that he thought it strange how so many people into bushcraft all seem to think of or follow certain trends all at once ........... unconsciously many of us seem to be drawn to the same thing - for example at the moment Roycroft packs and blankets ............ Geoff's thoughts were that it was like there was a big bubble of ideas floating in space from which people grasp the same ideas at the same time - at the time I did him a great dis-service by doubting him but now I think he was right (so sorry big Geoff)

Anyway the reason for my belated apology is that I, like DC and Mors among others, have started exploring the Roycroft Pack as an alternative to the standard brand name packs in popular use (more on this to come)

As a part of this and a continuation of the theme I have already been following aka the multi uses of a blanket as a pertinent bushcraft item I of course wanted a "genuine" blanket aka a Hudson bay 4 point blanket so I could be like a real mountain man ............ well look what I managed to snag on evil bay

Result! And at a very good price too .............


Ross Gilmore said...

Why?!!!! Why use such an inferior pack design just because some random person everyone worships decided to make a video on it?

Seems like we are very fashion conscious, and the use of the internet is making it worse. The moment something pops up on a forum, everyone starts doing it on all of the forums around the world until it stops being fashionable. Then we move on to something else.

I don't understand why we can't just think for ourselves and judge things based on personal values or criteria, whether that be practicality, aesthetics, etc.

We can go back to the early days of all the forums, and we can follow each and every one of the trends. They all pass because they are just that, trends. Once people actually try using this stuff in the woods, they quickly realize that trends don't make for good woodsmanship... then we wait for a few weeks and we move on to the next trend.

It's like being back in high school. Everyone wants to be one of the cool kids, no matter how ridiculous the particular trend happens to be.

It seems that instead of us trying to be better woodsman by achieving things in the woods, we try to do it by carrying and wearing more and more ridiculous gear.

Survivall said...

Ross your missing the point of the post - its not about the Roycroft its about the fact that these "trends" seem to appear out of the blue ...........the Roycroft is just an example of this, for instance I was talking about making one again last year and planed to do so in the spring for a blog entry then as if by magic in recent weeks several videos have appeared .........I'm not bigging up or putting down the Roycroft .......... anyway mate as always thanks for your input!