Stick tangs are useful!

A lot of people don't like stick tangs - and I can understand that but lets not forget that among the Scandinavian cultures stick tangs are the norm and when a culture survives and thrives in an extreme climate the wise man best take note of the reasons ............

One reason I believe a stick tang is popular in the north is there is less metal to touch the skin which is sensible when the temperature plummets but and reason for the stick tangs longevity is its ability to be field repaired.

Below is a knife of mine I damaged on my recent trip and which I repairs in the field - its not that pretty any more and will now be a necker and need a sheath making - but if I were in the "brown sticky stuff" being able to repair it might have saved my life .......... just a thought next time you dis a stick tang!

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What did it look like before?