I have finally found it ......... my perfect haversack

As many of my regular readers will know I like to use a haversack - I carry my emergency pack in one (above). I use it instead of having my possibles in my pockets so no matter what I wear I always have the same gear with me in a familiar place.

But not all haversacks were created equal - and for a while I have searched to find the one that ticks all my boxes. The above came closest being of a size and shape I liked.

This haversack was good initially - good size too but the plastic feel of it made me wonder at its fire safety? It is a excellent dog walking satchel however and that's the roll it now plays ........... 

The Finnish army respirator sack was like wise a great item - I have used it a lot but its too big - yep too big imagine??!! When I say this I am serious in as much as the size tempts the user to cram in extract items not necessarily needed!
Then the other day I found this on ebay --------- a Czech Bread Bag - material feels like rough hessian or hemp but it is the perfect size, the bread bag design is perfect to my mind over the more "easily" accessible respirator sack design thus preventing loss of gear. Better yet the flap is long and hangs almost down the entire side of the sack, that added to the fact the webbing strap metal tips are quiet heavy goes to ensure loosing kit from within would be hard to do! The bag has a second strap for closing the main sack for extra security as well as three sectioned pockets and the main sack - the sectioned pockets are well sized and I have even packed my Austrian Poncho rolled up in the middle pocket.
The bread bag design also means it can be hung on a belt as well as the shoulder strap - which is handy when hiking - lastly the material is rough open weave and I decided to Wax mine for added weather protection, the material proved perfect for this and I am now the proud owner of a waxed cotton bread bag that's so versatile I haven't even started to discover how useful it will be.

All I will say is at £4.50 each on evil bay I am well pleased with it - so much so I ordered a second just in case I ever needed to replace the original!!


A Heart Pumping Nitro said...

The Czech bread bag looks very nice and I'm glad you're enjoying it. When you say you've waxed it exactly what kind of wax did you use?

woodsrunner said...

love my linen czech haversack
also use the linen czech ruck for day trips...good old timey feeling kit and light!
i can roll up the ruck and put it in my larger pack and use it for foraging and while hunting small for the camp pot...woods