How to wear a wool blanket as a coat

A wool blanket is a very versatile item to carry - its a liner for your sleeping bag on a cold night, you can wear it around your shoulder beside the camp fire, its perfect for gathering debris or bracken for shelter building etc etc

So how do we wear one? Well we can cut one up and stitch ourselves a capote or similar - or we can wrap is around ourselves and in so doing allow ourselves to reuse the blanket in another role another day - so first take a wool blanket - preferably 100% wool and stitch on two paracord ties.


These we tie across our chest like a cloak!


 Take hold of the edges at waist height and over lap them wrapping them around your body

To secure the blanket now we can put on our belt or even tie with a para or similar cord!

This will leave our arms free to work - but when we want to be warm we can pull the blanket around ourselves and enjoy the blankets full warmth.

A cracking little way to wear what is without a doubt one of a bushcrafters most useful items and they cost less than any brand name wool shirt!

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woollymammothwoolencompany said...

What an absolutely fantastic way to make a boring fireproof blanket . into something new and exciting....I love it!