Capote for the 21st Century

Like many of you I am a great fan of all things Mountain Man and Fur Trade era, it has been an inspiration and has fired my imagination on many an occasion, indeed many of the skills I have taught myself over the years have been discovered in the journals or stories from this period so imagine my pleasure when I was given a Swandri Mosgiel as a gift!!

These garments are heavy wool and of a similar design (simplified and less fancy) to the old mountain man Capote.

Above Swandri Mosgiel in Olive green

Above Mountain man capote - in green.
The Mosgiel is a zip fronted coat with a single external chest pocket - two hand warmer pockets and a inner pocket. the hood is zipped for removal and the cuffs button close.
Having owned a red Capote many moons ago I can safely say the Mosgiel to my mind is very similar is size and weight and I LOOK forward to trying it out in the frozen north very soon!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Gary.
I have one that is similier, sort of, lol. Its a full pull over with Hoody with Lam's wool.
Its made in France. I forget the name its called.
Don't wear it to much as its very warm & would only suite winter travel in the Mountains here in BC.

Anonymous said...

very nice but at what cost if it is not a gift? what happend to getting back to basics and keeping it cheap and realistic.

Survivall said...

Anonymous - never can understand why someone would post a comment then HIDE their ID like there scared - usually I delete these as if I feel a faceless comment isn't worth reading, if someone feels a comment is worth making then thye should have to courage to stand by it ............. anyway that aside I agree the cost is prohibitive. I am lucky that in the past I used to sell these and as such have a couple of the old made in New Zealand models - the "gift" was a trade sample as I am thinking of restocking. RE- BACK TO BASICS a similar item could easily be made from blankets and while I would 100% recommend making your own CAPOTE some people never will hence I feel at liberty to high light other options!