Self Reliance??

Has anybody read Self Reliance Illustrated magazine??

No? Well unless your a rank novice I don't think I'd bother!

Harsh statement for sure but that's my opinion having bought issues 1 to 10 and the first pre issue copy.

In truth the first pre-issue was very good and I really enjoyed it hence the fact I then bought the rest, issue 1 and 2 were ok but very soon the rest became very much of a muchness ........... to the point where issues 7 onward I scanned through and found nothing of interest.

The two major failings to my mind are firstly the blatant plugging of PATHFINDER AND BHK - OK its their magazine but a little balance wouldn't go amiss after all do the ego's need massaging that much when I imagine 90% of readers are DC fans already?? The other failing is the descriptive content while some of the flora articles are good the authors miss out a lot of detail on HOW to prep certain foods or which parts to use to make x or y from said plant - experience of similar writings found on UK bushcraft forums leads one to believe the author may not necessarily be 100% experienced with his subject, or maybe if he is he's missing out facts with a view of generating bum on seats for courses.

Which is a shame as I was hoping this, of all the bushcraft mags might prove to be worth reading - sadly I don't think so, maybe one day someone will produce a bushcraft or survival mag worth the sacrifice of the trees its printed on. (oh how I miss the old survival and outdoor techniques magazine)

Maybe later issues will be better as my review is based only on the first few magazine - I hope so but I'll have to wait to hear this from others as my days of reading this magazine are over.

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