Renaming the blog.

This morning I was chatting to a neighbour who commented on seeing me come home yesterday covered in mud and humping my pack - curious he asked me what I was doing? Where I'd been?

So I told him, and he was shocked - "are you mad?" he asked. I just shrugged and said it was what I enjoyed doing, enjoyed the fresh air and the sense of freedom.

"Roughing it mate, aint for me - I'd rather watch footie in front of the box with a beer," was his parting comment, and I thought about that and the sad fact is for many people that's their life, a sort of contented dumping down of their lot in life.

I laughed politely, but with pity in my voice, "Sometimes you gotta rough it to smooth it!" I said to his receding back.

It was a throw away comment but it made me smile to share it and as I walked home I thought more about it and you know what by the time I reached my house the simple phrase had grown into a realisation that to me if was a truth - so much so I decided to use it in the blog title - why?

Because I realised that that statement sums up my view bushcraft and outdoors living, I'm not into easy expedition style camp bushcraft and over comfortable time outdoors, anyone can do that - these days modern life is safe and dull. Home comforts and financial demands encourage us to be soft of muscle but cold of heart - roughing it once in a while FOR ME at least reverses that.

So to me "ROUGHING IT" is as necessary a part of my life and breathing!


moose said...

And the circle rotates once more!

what i mean my old friend lable for the hobby, it was always rough camping then survival and eventually it went to bushcraft and now back to roughing it.

i never liked camp sites with all the noise and people in fact i liked the weekends when their are only a few people out especially the weekends in the essex woods good company few skills used and amazing nosebag. i us to be a member of a group of buchcrafters and the meets were just pissups and sober ups not really what i wanted.

Down and recharge time is always good what ever you call it getting away even if its for a few hours does wonders for the soul. this weekend i was ice fishing did not catch a fish but the amazing sights of the snow covered lake fueled me up like the energizer bunny. TV and a beer in front of the footy could never come close,

Survivall said...

True words bud - good luck with the fishing!!

SWECANOE said...

You are on the right trail, Gary
its IN to be OUT

Old Path said...

Rough it up a bit, is something i´ve said to couple guys a few times, and it always ends to some sort of fight :)

But i really believa that roughing it a bit, suits for every chap always.

Survivall said...

HA HA!! Well roughing it up a bit in a bar will often do that!

But the idea of roughing to smooth t is more a case of allowing us to carry less gear, getting closer to nature, be less dependant on the modern world - and it also means that by maybe spending a cold night in the woods with just a blanket or a empty stomach we will firstly learn to make a better insulated bed and shelter or learn to identify more wild edibles and secondly it means that we also learn to appreciate the other things we have in life making our work day world not so bad and putting things into prospective for us!!