As I am sure many of you know I am quite a fan of the ALICE pack. Often it meets my needs where most other packs cant but the one BIG failing of the ALICE system is the frame with is heavy and not very comfortable to use. So I decided to make my own - or more correctly had them made for me.
The above picture shows the frame I had made for my large ALICE this is a long frame which goes from just above my butt cheeks to the nape of my neck and with a belt (as pictured) is excellent for the weight a large pack allows you to carry - my sleeping mat straps below the pack completing the rig and ensuring there is no need for loads of "bits" dangling on the outside. 

For the medium ALICE we designed a smaller frame with a shelf onto which the bottom of the medium pack sits perfectly - this frame is the exact size for the medium pack and over comes all the failings of the issue frame.

Both frames and both packs are inter changeable so allowing even more versatility!! I am very very pleased with these and as such thought I'd share them with you - more to the point the maker has offered to make frames for anyone reader who wants one. These can be bespoke to your own specs - so if interested email me the details I and I will confirm the cost for you.


Mike said...

Very Nice Modification, I do like external frames own a Alice pack and a Brit one.

Anonymous said...

How are the frames holding up?
Interested to see if the solder joints are surviving the stress.