Finally, just before the snow in South Eastern England disappeared, I managed to get out and get some dirt time with my old buddy Steve. Our hike was up into the hills of the North Downs and it was a breath of much needed fresh air!!

My shelter on this trip was a Austrian Army Poncho which was put to work Saturday night as the heavens opened and that good old British tradition of rain came crashing down to wash the snow away - it was a interesting weekend as we went out in winter and came home in spring!!

One item I worn this weekend and was mightly pleased with was a blanket shirt - it was a garment I made back in the days of my re-enacting times and I "rediscovered" it in the loft - cant remember the cost of the blanket which I think was free but it was a great item and begin made to measure is far superior to any expensive brand name wool shirt!

Steves "basha" was a US Army poncho - note the space blanket floor! A measure needed to offer some small comfort due to the saturated nature of the forest floor!

Food for thought - although we dined on army boil in a bags one treat we both really enjoyed was a reindeer salami ............ nothing nicer than all that warm fat on a cold night!

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