For THREE DAYS IT RAINED, and I wondered if it would ever stop!!

This weekend myself, Tomo and Steve had a little get together in the woods - a pre-Christmas drink in the warmth of the camp fire with two of my best and oldest friends.

The weather was damp to say the least but our spirts were high as always, we were just happy to be in the woods no matter the cold winds and the driving rain!

We decided to be like proper bushcrafters this time and stick up a parachute, which for us was a saving grace as, you now know it was a little wet!

Nothing much to report dear reader as it was a chilled out affair and I have nothing new to play with or review ................... so heres a few pictures for you to enjoy!!

 Happy Christmas to you all


SWECANOE said...

Same to you and family from Nordmarken Sweden and
Preben Mortensen

Bushwalker Clay said...

Hi Gary,Though damp,looks like you had a chilled out camp,which is always a gooden.

Happy Christmas Mate

moose said...

have a great christmas buddy.

damp and raining its still fun to get out..

Mike said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family. One day i will get to meet you with luck on one of your courses perhaps

Survivall said...

Cheers Guys and maybe one day Mike.

Leigh Ratcliffe said...

Is that a No 8 or a No 9 Opinel?
I know that No 8 seems to be the default but personally I find the No 9 seems to be a better fit.