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Usually I don't play the tagged game - but as I was tagged by a good buddy on this occasion I'll make a post ........... thanks Perkelle.

OK so the idea is to post a review of three items you always like to carry in the bush - not as I see it the three items you think you would need to survive a TEOTWAWKI scenario so for me that was easy as I will just list the three items I always carry in my pockets no matter what im doing or where I'm going whether hiking or bushcrafting.

The first is my CASE SCOUT pocket knife - on a lanyard tied to my belt, its a no locking folder so uk legal - its solidly made, feels good in the hand so lends itself to being used and has a excellent lanyard ring unlike many pocket knives.

Second item is my buff or a bandana - this is a jack of all trades, I have used it for everything from washing and drying myself to a filter for making herbal teas. It keeps the sun off the bald head and adds a good level of insulation if worn as a head over - very very versatile item I always carry at least one.

My last item is a blue flame lighter - not a fire steel (shock horror gasp but HOW WILL I SURVIVE IF MY LIGHTER GETS WET??) - Well it hasn't all these years and I do have a fire steel in my possibles but a no nonsense lighter with a good hot blue flame will light even poor tinder and for general usage such as stoves and such is excellent - the flame can lock on and is also useful for soldering or as a thermal lance and will cut through and seal things like paracord very quickly.

Well there you go - the three items I will always have on me outdoors - not big knives and axes not some crap walter mitty survival kit - simply real items for the real world .............


Mike said...

strangley those are the items under my handbrake in the car Swiss Army Penknife, Buff and a Blue flame lighter cant go wrong with them

Survivall said...

Great minds and all that mate

Perkunas said...

Thanks !

Hey, are those vintage-ish folding knives not-rare there ?

Here they are chickens teeth rare, and rarely a traditionalist bushcrafter finds one.

Survivall said...

Probably mate but I've had it for years ............. its superior in materials and construction to a SAK IMO

Survivall said...

Just ordered myself the ROUGH RIDER version of the case scout from Hennie .............will let you know if its any good

Looks interesting