and the moral of the story is

Never take a short cut and cook in your tent just cos its -4 outside ..............don't be a wimp or a twit

Yes folks - top tip, this morning at 0400 with temperatures down to below -4c I made a school boy error - I woke up needed a brew and lit my alc stove filled my mess tin and popped it on top while trying to lay there and keep warm .........................

Then disaster struck the mess tin toppled spilling luke warm water into my tents sleeping area .............

Now this might not be the end of the world but wet sleeping gear at minus temperatures when dawn is a long way away isn't a great start to your day so learn from my stupidity.

1. don't cook in your tent vestibule unless you can ventilate it and can do so where your stove and the contents of your pots aren't going to endanger you or your kit.
2. ensure your stove and the pots are stable ....................

Above all do the wise thing and fill a flask up before you bed down then you can have a hot brew anytime you wake up with no danger


Finnman said...

Luckily nothing serious happened. It´s not nice feeling to get soaked with boiling water :(

That´s good reminder!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, Great Blog.
Enjoy getting the emails & seeing what your up too ;-)

Dave Smith.

moose said...

Silly boy Pike !!!