Grohmann Canadian Force or Boat knife.

Back in the day when I were a strapping young lad in a baggy green skin, running around 't world with a gun I fell in love ...............with a another mans knife (yes I said knife not wife - that's a different story")

Said knife was a Canadian army jump knife which, on a tour of Wainwright Canada, my mate Mick swapped with a Canadian soldier for the princely sum of a 24hr ration pack.

What was so special?? Well for starters was the pistol holster style sheath and then the quite unique design of the knife - I at the time was using a Gerber LMF (I think) but this small hardy little tool really impressed me.

Anyway long story short, back then in the 80's or pre-internet days it wasn't possible for me to get one, but later, circa 2000 when I had started with Woodlore as a assistant instructor I bought one - antler handled, flap sheath the works and I was made up with it when it arrived ................ sadly a certain gentleman was not, whether it was because he wanted his instructors to use his knife or not I'll never know but he pooh poohed the knife. He claimed it was no good for bushcraft mostly based on the secondary bevel ..................so crushed I put the knife aside and later sold it on ebay.

But my love for it never diminished, and as a besides, soon after I left Woodlore I also sold my Woodlore knife to one of Ben McNutts team as I didn't rate that too much either.

Anyway time went by, I bought various knives, designed my own knife the BFK (which Mors Kochanski's new knife looks remarkably like - funny that) but could never find a tool that seemed to fit what I had in my heart and minds eye.

Then by pure luck I came across Colonial knives website and "ding" there she was, my heart beat faster and I had to order one .................

So I ORDERED THE BOAT KNIFE - not the forces knife because I wanted the sheath so I could wear it as a necker.

Now I wont bore you with details - google the website or grohmanns to find  out the gumpf, but suffice to say my knife (UNFORTUNATELY Jeff at Colonial had run out of rosewoods so he kindly offer a free up grade to a buffalo scaled model) arrived and I couldn't wait to get to the woods and "test her out".

Now maybe its experience, maybe its true that the best survival knife is the one you have on you, or maybe its just that the grohmann is a excellent all round utility knife - I don't know, but I reckon its the later.

Anyway forgetting what I was told many moons ago I have to say I found the Boat knife to be excellent - one thing I really like it the knifes unimposing size yet ability to handle big tasks.

Well I took my knife out and used it ........................

Yes people it carves, feathers, batons and does all the things a bushcraft knife is supposed to ..............I even used it as a can opener with no damage to the cutting edge! So is it a bushcraft knife - YES IT IS - its also a excellent all rounder and would make the perfect EDC for hikers and such.

Oh and it makes a dandy necker too

Fancy a Grohmanns? give Jeff of Colonial knives a shout and tell him I sent you ...............


Lee said...

My friend gave me a Grohmann Trout and bird knife for my birthday. It is a sweet neck knife. Perfect for carving out those little holes in a fireboard.

I have owned many knives over the years, most recently a RAT-5 which is a beast, used mostly for batoning, carving and camp work. The Trout and Bird complements it perfectly. I keep the hammering and rough tasks to the beefier RAT and the finer details to the Grohmann.

fiddlesticks_end said...

My stars. I had a Grohmann in my tackle box as a boy (which was only a couple decades ago, or so). I believe it was the #1, and I bought it in Canada while there fishing with my dad. My dad, however, used a Herter's R. Murphy, which was an American made copy of the Grohmann #1. Anyway, I lost the knife long ago and then forgot about it until THIS post (and I'm a new reader, by golly). I used that knife in Scouts, cleaning my first rabbit, squirrel, AND deer. It prepped wood, it sliced cheese and tomatoes, it whittled frog gigs. Thank you for posting this. I need to find me another. So often we are all stuck in a modern mindset and forget to look backward to what worked for -us- when we didn't know about "survival" knives, or custom scandi blades, or whatever else. Thank you!

Blackthorn said...

I'm not a fan of the design myself but then I don't have to be it's not my knife its yours and you like it. I'm no expert on anything just an avide student, if there's one thing I do know however its knives are a very personal thing the person who pooh pooh'd your knife should have known that (as I guess it was RM I'm surprised but not overly)

Just checked the website they have a couple on clearance 50% off.