Dave took Andy up the visitors centre

And things were never the same again!!

Yes folks after what feels like a long absence we finally managed to organise a weekend in the woods - it was great to spend time with some of my oldest friends!!

The weather wasn't great, a lot of rain and subzero nights but that didn't bother us. Indeed the autumnal weather painted the forest with a glorious pallet of colour that took the breath away.

The deer were rutting and the morning mists where lifting, like ethereal spirits off the streams at the forest edge.

Our camp was basic but comfortable and gave Dave a chance to dirty up his shiny new kettle. Which proved its worth many times over as we enjoyed a brew while practicing our spoon craft and bow drill.

The nights dropped down to sub-zero which was fun especially as a couple of us had one seasons bags which we wanted to try out in somewhat cold conditions than they were designed for........and I have to say I actually slept warm even when the hoar frost was thick in the fields at the forests edge! Impressive!

And impressive thing I took along was my new Grohmann boat knife - now there is a long story about this knife and me and that will have to wait for a review but for now let me just say - it was as good a tool as I remember it being!

Suffice to say for now - it batons, it carves and it feathers ................

Last new tool - finnish Laavu - this I only set up to see how it was rigged, its a winter or preferably a snow shelter so a more details review of this will need to wait until the winter training in Sweden next Feb!

Now much of a review I am afraid but it was a great weekend - watch this space for something a little more "in depth" ..........


Perkunas said...

Youre tagged, sir:


By the way, everything going swell and okeydokey there in that foggy island of yours ?

Survivall said...

Bugger ............ 3 items tag ..........foggy old blighty as the moment is wet and very windy - but yes thanks mate all well here