Inspiration comes in many forms, over the years I've been inspired by Ray Mears, Eddie McGee, Preben Mortensen, I've been inspired by books about mountain men, i've sought more knowledge from the saami and friends Sweden or Finland or Canada - always the thirst for knowledge has been there and been fed - that is one reason I enjoy bushcraft so much as always there is something new to learn.

One of my first, earliest inspirations were the peoms of Robert Service and the stories of Jack London - and this short movie of one of Londons short stories - I vaguely remember seeing it in my youth and was over the moon to find it on you tube ............

ENJOY .............

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weekendwoodsman said...

Interesting short film. I remember reading the story in high school. Really shows how important it is to listen to those with experience, think ahead and be prepared.

While the man obviously knew how to make fire in the north, I'm surprised he didn't even have a small hatchet with him. It's not always as easy to prepare fire makings as depicted in the film, but of course the film is meant to be entertaining and not a bushcraft or survival tutorial.

I don't remember the description of the man's clothing as written in the story, but I found it pretty incredible that the man would have his winter hat untied at the bottom and no face covering at -75*F. I personally like to cover my face when temperatures start to dip below -35*C/-31*F or somewhere around there. Again, I'm sure it was because the film makers were more concerned with making an entertaining film and wanted to show his face throughout the film, rather than a faceless bundle.

In any case, thanks for bringing this film to our attention Gary. The message that it sends comes through loud and clear, and that's the most important thing.