No matter what you say, no matter how many times I try I always seem to come back to the Mora Classic. In particular the No3.

Now I still maintain that generally I seem to get the most milage from my trail hawk and my pocket knife. Usually this is just a SAK as if I have my keys with me I have that knife.

But that said I almost always carry a sheath knife in my pack too. Usually for processing wood beyond that which the hawk can do i.e carving. Experience has also taught me that a larger bladed sheath knife is useful for other tasks like carving or butchering game too - my choice as I say above is a Mora Classic No3 with its 6 inch blade. This knife is light weight, in expensive, robust and easily maintained so fits my bill for a camp knife nicely.

I also like the plastic sheath as this makes it easily cleaned if contaminated whilst preping game.

BUT ............ the devil makes work for ideal hands so today I had a little play and "pimped" the mora's sheath - I also made another sheath for the No3 a while ago to give it a mountain man style leather jacket to rest in.

I want to have a play changing the scales - years ago I put a antler handle on a old no2 but havent gotten around to a No3 yet (another thing about the Mora's cost that it makes it very attractive to trial and error when playing!)

Anyway heres the two sheath's ...........

One simple - tough looking and the other .....................busy ") but a handy little collection of component parts that make it a mini possibles pouch in its own right!!

Anyway just thought I'd share .........
Lastly, bit of an after thouhgt and one I'll add to avoid confusion - as much as I love the No3 - and the M95 - and my Brusletto Bamsen I still think the best overall bushcraft knife of the modern age - common man or not - is the MORA TRIFLEX .......so if you only carry one knife carry the triflex - but if you want a larger camp knife and a good alrounder the price of the Mora range means you can carry both a triflex and a No3 or any other combination you fancy.  

(I just wish mora would concentrate the same robust quality on their sheathes as they do their knives but thats another story)

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Mike said...

got rid of my classic mora No 2 but kept the No 3. Kept because I like a 5" blade BUT got rid of smaller. Also Just dont trust myself with these designs. Others like you Gary use knives on a regular basis me just weekends and when tired/careless don't trust myself slipping and cutting my hand.

Need a guard busy trying out the Mora Rebust High Q because of a thicker 3mm blade to see if its any good.