This video says it all .................


Waldgeistman said...

Gary, a good video review. I like the versatility of the Tomahawk. Not a bad price too looking on the Cold steel site VFM I think.

Survivall said...

Yep I agree mate!

Finnman said...

On my mind I don´t see any advantage on using tomahawk over good axe / hatchet.
Weak points on tomahawk:
- too thin profile don´t split well and stucks on wood easily
- loose vibrating head, I don´t like that
- round or bit oval handle could make tool twist on your hand when hit making it glance off from wood more easily than axe -> dangerous
- straight handle gives more vibrations into your hand than curved axe handle
- Some tomahawks have very short cutting edge
- Tomahawks are far too expensive and hard to find here in Finland compared to axes / hatchets.
- poor soft steel with bad bevels, needs reprofiling / grinding to get it useful tool.

I have only used Cold Steel Trail hawk so my first hand experiences are based on only that model.

That´s my personal feeling about it and here I mostly compared hawks to my Wetterlings mini hatchets that I have used 10+ years.

On video guy showed how he can take handle off and use the blade as a tool, but I can do about same things with handle attached without problems.

Hawks are not bad choice, good hatchet just goes over it.

That´s my personal opinion and I didn´t mean to insult, but rather get some dicussion going on differences on axes and hawks. I appreciate if you have find hawks great and most important is to have fun with tools our choice.

- Finnman

Survivall said...

Finnman I agree with you in many respects, for me, primarily I carry the hawk as a preplacement for a large knife not an axe.

If I were going to live in the woods or on a expedition I would likely carry my scandi forest axe and a large knife, bow saw and a pocket knife. But for hiking, weekends and general knocking about I like the weight of the hawk.

That said, I also find I can do everything I need with a hawk that I can do with a hatchet, indeed I would never bother with a hatchet is I had a hawk instead.

Lastly, two thoughts, firstly the tools we use reflect our skills and needs and I am sure in the northern forests a large axe is probably better although we all know its now common for folk to carry a small forest axe instead of a proper felling axe, again another compromise and a more expensive one than a CS Trailhawk) - secondly a hawk harks back to the old mountain man era and if it was good enough for them its good enough for me!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts mate!