The struggle between the needs and wants of our little bushcraft adventures is never ending fuelled by naivity, imagination, fear, lack of skills, dreams of the coming end of the world scenerio what ever it is that floats your boat. But the reality is different, generally our weeks or weekends in the woods are safer than the average work day so do we need to carry rucksacks full of gear we will never likely need?? Surely our hobby is such that we should be learning to make do without those all singing all dancing gadgets and expensive what nots, surely our hobby is learning to craft in the bush those items we feel to be necessities rather than to buy and carry them in with us??..............it is after all, all about bushcraft's not commercially made kit craft .............

With this in mind below is my packing list for summer hikes/weekenders - its a simple kit but contains everything I need and experience has shown every item can and will be used regularly. (below this, two links to excellent blogs where the writers express similar thoughts))

I'm not saying you should carry only this - your skills will dictate what you carry but I truly believe you should aspire to be able to live in the woods comfortably with minimal kit, its not only a pleasure to know you can do it but its also a powerful lesson in itself and this leads to confidence in your skills and greater knowledge as doing is the only way to continue learning.

Summer kit list for lightweight hiking. 1. Swedish Army LK35 rucksack 2. Fleece shirt 3. Poncho (waterproof and shelter if needed) 4. Mess tins (stainless steel) 5. 24hr rations + brew kit 6. Spare socks & a t-shirt (sleeping in as well as dry kit) 7. Wash kit and house wife 8. Sleep system 9. Woolly hat & Gloves 10. 2qrt canteen 11. Alc gel stoves x2 (hiking and fire lighting) 12. A pair of work gloves 13. 15-20m of 5mm cordage 14. Possibles bag (first aid, para-cordage, axe stone, cylume, candles,) 15. Haversack (see below) 16. Tomahawk

Remember the rule of threes (if it isn’t used in two or more trips remove the item – with the exception of first aid)

Haversack (away kit or day hikes) – mess tins and rations, condiments inc can opener, filter bottle and canteen cup, spoon, stove, tinder box, saw and sheath knife (when not worn) – tomahawk

Obviously there is the clothes I am wearing too ..........and usually a clasp knife in my pocket on top if the above list.



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