The funny thing about bushcraft kit is often the thing - be it a tool or a item of clothing - you go back to time and time again isnt necessarily the biggest, newest or most expensive item. Its usually the item that you trust, that you've used time and time again and that which you feel most comfortable with as well as that it is most appealing to your heart.
These two Mora's (1 and 3) are old campaigners and they are the two tools I plan to take with me to Sweden next week. Much has been said about the Mora classic (http://www.nordmarkencanoeuk.co.uk/shop/) so I wont bore you further save for one thought - the No1 and No3 are a set of tools which allow me to be very versatile in my selection and usage, the pair together cost less (much in many cases) than half the price of those expensive clones!!
For the traveller this is a boon as the worry of losing your rucksack and its contents at the airport is always nagging the back of the mind - and for the newbie it means you can purchase affordable tool you can use and learn to use fully - but that doesnt mean these tools arent favourite of the experts either, Mors Kochanski, Cody Lundin ............ME ") ..... SERIOUSLY these knives and thier design are the same as have been used by generations of scandinavian outdoors folks for hundreds of years and in climates far more challenging than a manicured british woodland!!

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