Laavu - suits you ............

About two years ago I got this excellent Laavu shelter from Finland - the shelter is made to order from a small manufacturer and is excellent - the material is a wtaerproof nylon which is lined with a reflective material making it ideal for both summer and winter use, even in the harsh finnish winters!!
The laavu is designed around the classic baker tent design but with modern adaptions.
The makers have produced a well thought out item which is lightweight yet robust. has internal hanging loops so a inner or mosi net can be added and has a rear porch where the adventurious outdoorsman can store his fire wood with weather protection.
Another feature thats really good is the fact that the front porch can also be zipped down turning the baker tent design into a almost standard A front enabling you to seal yourself in from any harsh weather if need be!!
I am very very impressed with this shelter - its a tarp, its a tent, its warm and well thought out and now a perminent travelling companion - one which will soon be joining me on my next trip to sweden!


Nukknives said...

Hi mate,

looks like a great piece of kit!
Have you more details about weight and perhaps a link to the maker?


Jan aka KnifeJan

Anonymous said...

I REALLY like versatile shelters, so this one gets me excited! Looks like a high-quality product.


Survivall said...

Jan your not the only one whoses asked this - I'm trying to get the details now and will let folks know once I do, as I say he makes them to order but I do believe he has a website so keep an eye on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Any news on where this fantastic shelter comes from, I would certainly be interested in some specifications on it, length, width, heoght and weight please!

Many thanks

Anonymous said...


I have used them, and no I have no affiliation, they are just good value suppliers http://www.scandinavianoutdoorstore.com/en/teltat-ja-majoittuminen/laavut-ja-louteet/

Philip Natty

Survivall said...

Nice link - thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Official manufacturers site www.wildward.fi