Another great weekend out - this weekend running a course for the Royal Air Force cadets. The cadets came from several squadrons and were a mixture of new and advanced cadets progressing through our bushcraft and survival programme.
The basic course involves all the standard safety skills including the safe use of cutting tools. The students are also taught fire lighting, both arctic and temperate lays - shelter building, game prep and how to find water and make it safe to drink.
While the more advance group spent the weekend working on their own, in a seperate area. The idea being they show the instructors and officers that they had grasped the basic principles of bushcraft and survival whilst being given numerious tasks such as making nettle cordage, squirrel and rabbit snares,IDing both edible and medical plants and the making of a gravity filter from natural materials to ensure they had safe drinking water! Overall both groups did very well with some step learning curves for some of the x box generation cadets - lessons which they will take forward in live to both make them more confident and more well rounded individuals. At the final debrief all our newbies said they would like to come back and joins the intermidiate course and progress their knoweldge and skills and even the adult leaders and instructors told us they had also learnt a few new skills and lessons!! Great weekend - looking forward to the next one after I get back from the Temperate WEISS course in June!!

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Looking good, Gary. Nice to see youngsters getting out there and working on those important skills!