Weekend in the woods

This weekend myself and Steve decided to venture into pastures new - so we packed ourselves off to a large woodland area in Essex for a few days well needed R+R .......... NOT MUCH to report - weather was dry and sunny with cold nights - most importantly we both had a great time and Steve learnt an important lesson "a stool is never more important than a sleeping bag"

Myself and Steve at our camp

Preparation of the fire is important before you light the fire.

Sleeping without a bag after you realise your cold

My shelter

Sleeping without a bag

A cold night and a cold morning .......... before the sun was fully up (below)

As we were moving out quickly we let the fire die in the night and then cleared away the fire circle cooking our breaky and morning coffee on stoves like good sensible woodsmen!

A great weekend all in all and I look forward to the next one!

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