This morning, with rain pouring down I sat drinking a coffee when I heard someone knocking at my door - curious as I wasnt expecting anyone I jumped up and answered the door. The stood the postman with a small package.

As soon as I saw the writing on it and the address I knew it had come from my very good friend Mikko in Finland - a outdoorsman of great experience who I envy for his access to the finnish wilderness.

But I digress, back indoors now I hurriedly tore open the package and lo and behold inside I found a M95 Sissipuuko and a little cloth Finnish flag (nice touch Mikko!)

Now, firstly let me point out that SISSI - in Finnish translates as Ranger, or commando - and Puukko (while this isnt a true scandi grind type knife) in Finland is now a common term for knife, becoming generic.

The knife itself had been used and my first task there was to sharpen the edge - easily done with a dc4, some autosol and a strop! Next as you can see from the picture above my friend had whipped a small leather sheath to the front, this was light brown so being a bit ocd I decided to dye that black to match the sheath. Once that was done and dusted I tucked a firesteel, sharpening steel, GI can opener and a little beta light into the pouch and popped over the woods to play.

Now I've had this knife all day so my review isnt "in depth" but I have to say thus far this knife has done everything I asked of it - and well.

Firstly I tested it chopping and it hacked its way through a standing dead Birch in minutes - then I tried a spot of batoning and again it was like a knife through butter.

Lastly, to my mind always a good test of a cutting tools finese and usability is the carving of feather ........... and again this baby had no trouble completeing the job with ease .............

Lastly kitchen duty - woodlore clones with their chunky spines arent generally good all rounders and often come unstuck in the kitchen not a flaw in this knife - it peeled spuds, sliced mushrooms and tomatos and carved a roast lamb shoulder all with now expected ease and effortless ability I had quickly ground to expect!

Oh ya the specs are - Blade: 150x25 mm, 6x1" Total: 275 mm, 10 3/4" with a teflon coated carbon steel blade.

So all that remains is for me to thank Mikko for the gift and to say that without a shadow of a doubt this knife will definately become my new trusted companion!! 

It will need a few more tests, and a little more time before I can definately say this is the knife for me but thus far the future looks promising.


Finnman said...

Happy to see that you like it! It sure is very good knife and capable of lot. That pouch look very similar that I have in mine.

- Finnman

Waldgeistman said...

Nice review Gary. Just out of interest what was in the whipped on pouch? You OCD never...