After a self imposed period of abstinence and the epic realisation that my kit is finally about as good as its gonna get I've decided to get a new knife.

The plan is the sell off ALL my old knives (except three made for me by my friend Mr Bliss) and then have the pleasure of rediscovery (of course if I need a good bushy I can always whip a Mora triflex out of the shop stock!)

Now, as you may be aware, I like a big un, A CAMP KNIFE ..... 4 inch bushies dont do it for me, their all same old same old copies of each other nothing new and over priced to boot - so after some research I decided to go for one of these ...........

The M95 Finnish Ranger knife.

Way back in the 1990's - around '93 I bought myself a knife hailed as being designed by Lars Falt (who?? in those days I didnt know the name) but it was a well received knife so I ordered one.

This isnt the one I had but it looked similar (above) - it was a excellent knife, I spent many hours wandering the German forests trialing it, I took it to Bosnia and used it for everything from clearing mines to helping villagers butcher a cow which was roasted in celebration of the UN finally getting through to their beleaguered homes. But unfortunately it was lost during a move from one base to another and never replaced due to (pre internet days) not being able to find the seller I bought it from .............

Anyway the Sissipuuko M95 is called the Finnish Ranger knife and as such was originaly designed for the finnish army - oddly it was Swedish Military units who bought it before it was ever issued to Finnish troops but to my mind that just gives it more credance!!

So watch this space - I'll do a out the box review and then trial it and review it again ........... looking forward to it!!


Finnman said...

Happy to see you have ended up into M/95 it's good robust puukko-style knife that have enough mass todo about everything and not beeing too clumsy to carry where ever you go. Waiting to read your opinions about that one. Actually I heard that Fält trusts novadays that very same model.

Survivall said...

Cheers Finnman - I look forward to trialing one. Glad to hear Mr Falt trusts one too, thats a good indorsement straight off.

Anonymous said...

I think you've made a wise choice. Knowing how experienced you are in the outdoors, I would think you've chosen this type of knife for the same reason I have: versatility. I recently had a knife maker make me a knife to my specifications, and it turned out that the knife is VERY similar to the Sissipuukko M95. As they say, it "slices and dices", chops and batons, carves and skins etc.

What I often try to point out to people is that a 6" blade can do almost everything a 4" blade can do, and considerably more, yet it doesn't add a huge amount of weight or size. When it starts to get up to 8", 9" etc. it's a bit of a different story, but 6" is still very manageable.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to your review, as I very much appreciate this type of knife.


Abo said...

I have one and love it mate