Winter WEISS 2012

Winter training is always hard, especially when the weather isnt quite what you expect and that is exactly what the students on this years Winter WEISS had to contend with.

Sub-zero tempertures to plus 10 .......... frozen lakes and sunny glades where all features of this years course as Varmland experienced the warmest temperatures in 118 years.

That said the course was still one of the best I have ever lead - our students where spot on and the program we ran still covered all the skills and subject matter that we usually run (it just required a little imagination on the part of the training team to make things run smoothly)

Well done to all involved both staff and students, thank you all for a excellent and successful course.


Perkunas said...

Good stuff you have there, G !

I hope you all survived :)

SWECANOE said...

Nice pictures Gary, sorry about the NOW SNOW training, but it will come next year,

Finnman said...

Looks like both a lot of fun and very good training for wilderness skills!