Dogsledge adventure in Estonia at karulas-wolftrail.com

Dogsledge adventure in Estonia at karulas-wolftrail.com

A good friend of mine, Peter, whose not only a former WEISS student but also a excellent bushcrafter has been working in Estonia with Karulas wolftrails ....... heres a little snippet of info he sent me ..........enjoy

Last winter I have been working as a dog handler at karulas-wolftrail
and I want to give you all a impression of the awesome experience you'll get there on a three day expedition

Unlike many dogsled adventures in Scandenavia this is a real intense experience.
You'll mush your own team of dogs in front of your sled through rough terrain. Most dogs are malamutes and some are greenland dogs.
The program depends on the weather and snow conditions and longer trips are also possible.

The week starts on monday when you'll be picked up from the airport in Riga, Letland. After a 2/3 hour drive you arrive at karulas-wolftrail basecamp, where your logcabin awaits you. In the evening you'll be asked to help with feeding the dogs so you'll get to know them a little bit better and get used to their high level of energy. Then you'll get fed yourself.

Next morning starts at 08:00 with giving the dogs their water. After this you have breakfast. At 10:00 there is given a explanation of the sledges, outdoor equipment and the expedition
followed by a testdrive of 45 minutes. Then you have lunch.

At 15:00 you'll leave for the first day and the first 20 km, arriving at approximately 17:00 at an overnight location. This can be a logcabin or an open shelter.

After breackfast the next morning and some ice-fishing you leave for the second part of the trip. Approximately 40 km going through rough woodland, over fields and frozen lakes, to arrive at the second overnight site, a logcabin hidden deep in the natural park of Karulas.

The next mornig you'll leave for the last and longest part of the trip approximately 45km, again going over frozen lakes, hilly fields and through stunning forest. You'll arrive back at the basecamp in the afternoon where the dogs are taken to their pastures. The sauna is waiting for you, as is a good last meal.

On day 5 you'll be driven back to the Riga airport, leaving you with an unforgettible experience.

For more info visit the website.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

I guess it's easier to fly to Riga, Latvia (Letland) and then cross the border into Estonia than to fly into Tallinn and then travel south?

In any case, it definitely looks like a worthwhile adventure!