Polish Army Two Man Tent

After many years of searching for a tent/basha/shelter thats safe around the fire and adaptable in various bushcraft roles I came across this tent almost by mistake.

I found a thread, a old thread, on a canoeing forum and the review gave quite a postive impression of it. A quick search on line found search sellers including those on evilbay - so for the princely sum of about £20 I receive two almost brand new shelter sheets and the poles and pegs.

The entire system is well designed, the two pole sections and four pegs (each are given with each shelter sheet) came in a canvas sleeve with a button down flat. The pegs are stored inside the poles hollow section which is a well thought out system and even more impressive are the which arent straight as you'd expect, the shape of them (slightly bowed) make them stronger and perfect for sticking in the ground and pressed down by the foot.

The plastic cap with seals the end of the poles also, by pure fluke, happens to be the perfect size to take a cylume light stick so you also have a handy interior light for your shelter!

Burning a few tea candles in the tent also helps drive up the temperature too so on cold winter evenings the shelter becomes a cosy little den.

Another adaptation for the lone hiker or a good summer time shelter is the single sheet basha - this ia a great little shelter for warmer days. Or if there were two of you two of these shelters facing each other with a fire between would be ideal! And being a cotton canvas there is no risk of fire damage.

So do I like this shelter system?? Yes I do ........... its not a hiking shelter or one for the mountains - but for the bushcrafter who wants a tough, adaptable shelter that wont cost an arm and a leg this is the one for you.


Perkunas said...

Where could i get one, mr. G ?

Looks pretty damn awesome for guy who likes more traditional style.

We here, use similar shelter, a lot, especially when hunting goes overnight. Its an ancient shelter named "loue". try google it, and youll figure out how close it is, to your 1-piece shelter...

Anonymous said...

Had it, tried it, sold it....Two small (and heavy) for my liking...

The idea is pretty good though.

Grtz Johan

Survivall said...

Mikko I got mine off ebay ..........Johan to small?? I disagree mate, I fit in mine ok .........heavy, ya its not a hiking tent as I say but for bushcrafting i think its pretty cool, and the trade off in price against a decent basha makes it worth it too. But as with all things its courses for horses ;)

Finnman said...

That tent looks damn awesome for bushcrafting!