Dyed Swedish Army snow smock

Winter and snowy conditions are excellent times for bushcrafters, you can visit the woods and practice your tracking skills at the most fundamental level for example. If you have land owners permission practicing fire lighting in these conditions is a excellent exercise but before you venture out you need to make sure your dressed correctly as clothing is your first line of defence against the winter weather.

In Summer I am more than happy to potter about in a german army shirt and t-shirt but in winter, spring and autumn when that chill wind blows we need a windproof layer to help keep or body heat where we need it most - next to our skin.

For this task I can think of no better an item than the Swedish Army Snow smock. There are many varieties but for ease I will not differentiate between them just group them all together as the overhead variety.

Anyway material wise these are a heavy cotton canvas type cloth - and not disimilar to ventile in feel - but at £13.99 in price very different where the wallets concerned!!

As I find with all Swedish military items the workmanship is excellent with good attention to detail. In design the smocks a basic item with hood, button up neck and two large bulgy pockets - but basic is perfect, over design would make the item less in my view.

Now they are snow smocks so surprise surpise they only come in a off white colour .......... but this need not be a problem as the canny "shrafter" can add a few mod's to personalies the smock and make it "their own".

First mod is colour - being cotton DYLON machine wash dye is excellent £5 a 400kg pack and your sorted - as you can see below I have dyed two such smocks - and the colour range available is large.

Second mod I've made on the brown smock was to replace the hood draw cord and the put in a hem draw cord - the hem cord was put in as I dont like the smocks bottom less in the wind. I didnt do this with the orange one as for snow conditions I like to use the button up crotch strap rather than a draw cord primarily because I will have other items in pockets etc below the smock as in cold conditions its better to keep items warm with body heat ............

Now the only down side I can find to these smocks is they arent waterproof (being cotton) but you can proof them if you want too - so its not the end of the world!!

So there you have it - for the princely sum of £20 and a little bit of time you too can personalise a smock which will give to years of service and which is as good as most more expensive brand names worn by the "all the gear" brigade!!


Johan van Dijk said...

I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment! I do NOT need more equipment!

But still like the orange smock ;-)

I do prefer the 'coat' style for ease of venting though...

Remember to waterproof AFTER dying btw!

Grtz Johan

Survivall said...

He he - you know you want one ........... the coat style are good and IIRC the cottons a little thinner too .......... but more buttons to replace!!

As for Waterproofing ......... na, I have a waterproof and a poncho ........


Anonymous said...

I have one, dyed it green,


Jan, aka KnifeJan

SWECANOE said...

Thise anoraks are the best on the
market.. I have a few in stock and I have been using one in Northern Greenland and one Inutit want to have one and he got it at the end of the expeditioin.Hve been using those in the army as well.
Preben Mortensen

JMP said...

Hi Gary, if I remember correctly you have shared this on other forums as well. May I ask what dylon colour you used for the light green smock you displayed there?

Thank you very much and best regards.

Survivall said...

For the green shades I went with Dylon Olive green - nothing special at all.