update Sourdough

Tried a different way of cooking the sourdough today and had better results. For starters I used strong white flour as opposed to plain flour, this meant my flour had a strong gluten base.

Secondly, I cooked it slightly differently - cooking for 20 minutes with the oven on full heat and then for a further 20 minutes at gas mark 6 - this made the crust thinner but kept it crunchy - lastly I didnt take the bread out the oven for about 10 minutes after I turned it off so allowed it to cool a little slower (my thinking there is to try to recreated a fired bread oven effect)

Well - I am now very happy with the results and will continue to do this - next I need to see if I can do it in the field!!

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moose said...

in a good dutch oven you can cook a decent loaf. its just a matter of the correct amount of coals, i have cooked bread im my oven in the past . the first looked like a piece of coal and tasted like it also. look forward to future posts.Btw i today have a new starter on the go. i wonder if temp has a thing to do with with the starter. if on a cold night it will not react?