Swiss Army alpenflage poncho/cape

As a bushcrafter we are not immune to wet weather, indeed sometimes the best time to be out in the woods is in bad weather as its a time when we can get the woods to ourselves as the other "Fair weather" woodsmen stay at home and admire their shiney new gear!

But to venture forth in a wet world we need to have a good waterproof system of clothing - but as most conventional waterproof clothing is synthetic its of very limited use around the camp fire - especially as these jackets cost more than the average weekly wage these days!

So whats the answer? Wax cotton - nahhhhh - again way to expensive and not breathable in the slightest.

How about a poncho - cheap so while synthetic "expendable".

Late last year I came across the SWISS army poncho and instantly liked it - its very similar to the old british rain cape/gas cape and is made from a tough robust rubberised nylon. The cape has closable slights for arms - a press studded closure up the front AND a hunched back allowing it to be worn over a back pack!

Perfect - like all poncho's it is also a little more versatile as it'll double up as a tarp, a floation device etc etc.

Alpenflage isnt a common camoflage so even if you wore this at a festival you'd look the part ............ I really like the design, weight and applications of this simple yet effective peice of kit!!

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Finnman said...

I don´t say anything about that camouflage, but it definitely works and being Swiss-made must be top quality aswell. Those sells now very very cheap here:

So I thought to get few for reserve like one for car, one for ATV etc.

I love surplus stuff cause it offers often superb quality for price!

- Finnman